Building digital products that leverage the latest AI technologies


Natural Language Processing

Chatbots & virtual assistants

We use machine learning algorithms to train the chatbot to understand natural language, recognize intent, and respond appropriately. This ensures that the chatbot provides accurate and helpful responses to your customers.

Text classification

This involves categorizing text data into different classes or categories, such as topic or intent. We develop text classification solutions to help businesses automate the process of categorizing large amounts of text data.


Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that enables machines to recognize printed or handwritten text characters within digital images or scanned documents. We develop solutions that help you digitizing paper documents, automating data entry, and enable text-to-speech conversion for visually impaired users.

Face recognition

We develop applications that will help you identify and verify the identity of individuals based on their facial features. They can be used to verify the identity of individuals entering a secure facility, to detect and track individuals in surveillance footage, or to analyze customer demographics and behavior in a retail setting.


Computer vision


Deep Learning

Tailored deep learning solutions

We offer development services of customized DL software solutions designed to meet the specific needs of a particular organization or project. These tools may include custom algorithms, models, and neural networks that are optimized for a particular application or use case.

Autonomous systems

PC7 team can provide design and development of intelligent systems that can operate independently and make decisions based on real-time data. We develop solutions such as self-functioning drones, and robots that can perceive their environment and make decisions.

Developing AI applications, customized for both web and mobile platforms

Web Development


Whether you require a straightforward homepage or a sophisticated web-based application utilizing artificial intelligence, we can supply you with a seamless and aesthetically pleasing frontend that will captivate and satisfy your users.


Our expertise includes constructing a backend from the ground up, or enhancing an existing one to achieve superior performance. We offer technical proficiency in developing a backend that is both secure and optimized for maximum efficiency.

Mobile Development


PC7 specializes in developing native applications for Apple platforms using Swift and Objective-C. We offer expert mobile app development services that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your user's experience.


Our team employs Kotlin and Java programming languages to produce native mobile applications that are optimized for Android devices. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to create intelligent and engaging mobile applications.

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