Optimizing workflow & increasing productivity.

Client: Mih GmbH

Our role

We developed various mobile and web applications for the client's needs.



Project info

MIH ERP-a revolutionary web ERP system that is a must for team management optimization.

MIH Measure - With its cutting-edge technology, this app helps construction managers and their teams measure terrain lengths like never before.

MIH360 - An app that connects to a 360 camera, which scans digged holes and converts them into 3D models. These models can be viewed on the web app using any computer, making it easy to archive and document information for later retrieval. No need to physically visit digging spots - everything you need to know is at your fingertips!

Cutting-edge technology

The PC7 development team uses modern programming languages, proven technologies and approaches that allow us to easily extend and scale digital products.

MIH Measure

An iOS app that allows users to measure diferrent types of terrains, the differences between points and helps with calculations of needed or used materials.

Measure terrain lengths like never before.

The MIH measure app enables users to measure distances between points in the real world with ease and accuracy

iPhone's built-in-Lidar and AR technology

By enabling its users to categorize distances based on the terrain structure, the app optimizes workflow. Users can easily categorize distances according to various terrain types, including grass, cobblestone, asphalt, and pavement.


Another application within the MIH project our team of programmers is developing, which connects with a 360 camera called Insta360.

HD videos

With this app, users can take high-quality videos and images of the terrain and view it on a developed web app, complete with HD 360-degree images.

Save time

This feature allows users to analyze terrain from the comfort of their office, saving time and increasing productivity.

Custom ERP

A comprehensive software solution designed to enhance streamline the management of employees and team workflow.

Take your construction management game to the next level!

The MIH ERP system, MIH Measure and MIH360 app are revolutionary tools for construction management teams. With their advanced technology and ease of use, these apps are sure to streamline the construction process and help teams work more efficiently than ever before.

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Outstanding fiber optic technology. Mih GmbH is one of the market leaders in Europe.







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