The thrill of giving
lasts a lifetime.

Here at PC7, we strongly believe that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.


Sponsoring FRI's Data Science Master's Program


At PC7, we understand the impact of education and through this sponsorship, we aim to make a difference. We are excited to share our industry experience, knowledge and energy with the brilliant minds at FRI. It's not just about sponsoring; it's about building a bridge between education and industry.

Alongside esteemed partners Siemens, Outbrain, Lexpera, Garex, Insight, Creapro, Zurich, and Medius, PandaChat’s parent company - PC7 has officially become a proud sponsor of the Data Science Master's program at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana.


Investing in them, we are investing in our future.

We strongly believe that if children get access to the right tools and opportunities, they can succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

We would do anything for our best friends.

Being a team of animal lovers, the PC7 team cannot stand the sad eyes of abandoned animals. We believe they deserve to experience happiness.


It is time to give back to those who raised us.

We strive to embrace a caring perspective as well as developing empathy in the younger generation towards the generations that raised us.

Projects we’ve supported

Red Noses
Supporting Red Noses With All of Our Heart
PC7 supports Red Noses by donating part of the funds to this initiative, as we believe it is an amazing global movement that puts a smile on children's face, bringing them joy in these difficult times. It's wonderful to see the future smiling.
Animal Shelters
Helping Animal Shelters in Ljubljana
We couldn't help but donate part of the funds to several animal shelters in Ljubljana and the surrounding area. Some animal shelters do not have enough resources to take care of all the abandoned animals.
Spreading Joy in a Home for The Elderly
We advocate helping homes for the elderly, and we set an example by donating part of the funds for these purposes, hoping that in this way we will enable better living conditions for the users of this institution.

One step closer to our vision

Assembling the research team is bringing us closer to the establishment of a Research Center that embodies our ethos of transformation, innovation, and impact.

Our team of experts specializes in critical fields such as system analysis, digital policies, and ethical AI. With a focus on cybersecurity, we're strengthened by a data scientist pioneering language technologies & AI integration, driving groundbreaking innovations in PC7 projects.

The Future Begins with research

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