Is it the right time for your business to get its own mobile app?

10:18, 10.06.2022

Blog / Is it the right time for your business to get its own mobile app?

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Considering that the average mobile user spends 80 to 94% of their time on the phone on applications, we can conclude that this is a space where every company, large and small, should ensure its presence, if their goal is to retain consumers.

The main advantage of mobile applications over web and progressive web applications is advanced hardware access and User experience. We do not predict the possibility that progressive websites will be able to achieve any time soon, not only the aesthetic quality that mobile applications have on a mobile phone, but also the way they perform certain tasks, such as taking multiple photos and instantly attaching them on page.

To have satisfied users, it is important to make them feel at home using your application, and at the moment it is most cost-effective to do so with the mobile application.

PC7 is a company that has experience in developing native mobile applications, with a simple focus on how actual people will use your products.

Contact us and improve your business with the mobile application. We can't wait to hear your ideas and help with the realisation!

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