Difference Between Web Apps, Websites and PWAs

09:30, 24.06.2022

Blog / Difference Between Web Apps, Websites and PWAs

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Want to learn the difference between web apps, websites and progressive web apps? You are in the right place, because our developers are happy to share their knowledge!

A web application is an interactive app built using web development technologies that users can access from their browser. They certainly have some advantages compared to websites. Website’s primary purpose is to present information, so we can say that the website users have a much more passive experience compered to users of web applications.

A web app optimizes the user experience (UX) so users have more functions, which results in web apps having to be dynamically updated to handle these sorts of interactions. Contrary to traditional websites, web applications place a certain focus on user interaction, similar to a mobile app.

On the other hand, progressive web apps (PWAs) are a particular type of web app that is fairly modern in the digital world. Although, they can be opened without internet connection, it is important to keep in mind that PWAs still cannot take native mobile apps’s role as they are still web apps. To find out the answer to the question “What are the advantages of native mobile applications that cannot be replaced any time soon?” - read this blog article: https://pc7.si/blog/is-it-the-right-time-for-your-business-to-get-its-own-mobile-app

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