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Client: MDCN Technologies

Our role

We have developed an app that allows you to monitor and control an innovative NeoRhythm neurostimulation devices.



Project info

An innovative app made for active individuals, both physically and mentally.

Our developers have utilized the latest in Bluetooth communication technology to ensure that the app seamlessly connects with the devices, providing a reliable and seamless user experience. Users can choose from a wide range of predefined programs, such as Theta Meditation, Pain Relief, and Sleep Improvement, or create their own custom programs tailored to their specific needs.

At PC7, we understand the importance of user engagement and tracking. That's why our apps come loaded with features to help users monitor their usage, including crash reporting and logging, session tracking, and statistics of usage. Users can easily keep track of their progress and see how their usage is impacting their overall wellness.

One technology, one app, three devices.

Our apps are designed to work seamlessly with the devices produced by Omnipemf, including the NeoRhythm, NeoTube & NeoPad which use PEMF technology for brain entrainment, relaxation, meditation, and sleep improvement.

What is PEMF?

PEMF is a clinically tested technology where electromagnetic waves are introduced into your body at specific frequencies to encourage your natural recovery process.

Feel the benefits of PEMF technology

Whether you're looking to improve your meditation practice, relieve pain, or get a better night's sleep, NeoRhythm is a perfect app for you. With tour seamless integration with Omnipemf's devices and a wide range of programs to choose from, this app is a perfect way to improve your overall wellness.

Successful IndieGoGo campaign.

Top 1% Crowdfunding campaign with 7,000+ backers from 110 countries!







OmniPemf's Indiegogo campaign turned out to be one of the most successful campaigns on this crowdfunding site. In addition to that, in 2021, they were chosen among the Top 4 Healthcare Innovations by the Innovation World Cup Series.

App that always stays up to date.

PC7 developers understand the importance of keeping apps and devices up to date. That's why we have implemented a firmware update feature that allows users to update their devices through our app, ensuring that they are always running on the latest software.

Wireless device management

The whole system, containing smart wireless sensors and devices from OmniPemf's NeoRhythm line, is built around Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Our team utilized the technology that comes with every phone, creating an app that eliminates the need to use any additional hardware during installation and use of devices.

Upgrade Bluetooth devices wirelessly.

Implementation of the OTA update in the application.

Our team is one of the few who have implemented OTA update (Over The Air update) in the application, which enables our application to upgrade Bluetooth devices wirelessly. With this app, there is no need to transfer the device to any upgrading service.

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