Enabling students to access a virtual library's resources

Client: IZUM (Institute of Information Science, Maribor)

Our role

We have developed a dynamic mobile application, a virtual library embodying the essence of a Slovenian digital repository.


project management
Mobile development
UI/UX design
quality assurance

Project info

PC7 has introduced a mobile application, setting the stage for a revolutionary change in how researchers access and interact with academic resources.

The mCOBISS mobile application, represents a transformative leap in the accessibility and usability of academic resources within the Slovenian digital repository.

With its user-friendly design and an array of features, mCOBISS empowers students, researchers, and academics to effortlessly search, reserve, and engage with a wealth of books, journals, and more.

In partnership with the Institute of Informational Sciences, Maribor (IZUM), we didn’t only modernize education but also strengthened the foundation of Slovenian academia, positioning the mCOBISS mobile app as a cornerstone of knowledge dissemination and learning.

Gateway to the Slovenian virtual library

Users can easily find and reserve books, journals, newspapers, and DVDs within the virtual library.

The app allows for the renewal of loan periods and provides a convenient overview of loan history.

Users can curate a personal list of favorite books and share it with others, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

mCOBISS provides maps and directions to the library, ensuring users can easily locate their desired library branch.

A unique feature enables users to scan the barcode of a book or journal for instant searching and identification purposes.

Easy to use

PC7's primary design goal for the mCOBISS mobile application was to create a user-friendly and accessible platform for students.

The app's user interface is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easily navigable, ensuring that students can effortlessly access the wealth of information within the Slovenian virtual library.

Bridging the Gap Between Students and Knowledge

Operating seamlessly on smartphones and tablets, whether powered by Android or iOS, mCOBISS transforms these devices into gateways to the virtual library of Slovenia. With this app, users can delve into an extensive array of resources, browse, reserve, and engage with academic materials conveniently, making it a valuable tool for students, researchers, and anyone seeking to explore the wealth of knowledge within Slovenian digital repository.

The Impact

This innovative mobile application has redefined the way students engage with academic resources, fostering a culture of continuous learning and research.

Notable social impacts include enhanced accessibility, allowing students and researchers to conveniently access a wealth of academic resources, thereby enhancing the quality and depth of their studies. The app also streamlines processes, saving valuable time with features like renewing loan periods and instant barcode scanning.

User-friendly design, enhanced with features such as instant barcode scanning and efficient loan management, showcases our team's expertise in creating a technologically advanced, yet user-centric solution.

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