PC7's team wins the FRI Data Science Project Competition 2024!

01:00, 11.06.2024

Blog / PC7's team wins the FRI Data Science Project Competition 2024!

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We are thrilled to announce that PC7’s team won at the FRI Data Science Project Competition 2024, held at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science.

Potential improvements of Pandachat

A huge congratulations to Valter Hudovernik, Martin Jurkovic, and Uroš Kozole for their work on the "One-size-fits-all Relational Database Predictor." Their innovative approach to creating a universal GNN that automatically selects and learns from data means users no longer need to train the model themselves. This incredible achievement was made possible through collaboration with our dedicated team at PC7 and the expert guidance of prof. dr. Erik Štrumbelj. We love supporting and seeing innovative ideas come to life, especially when it involves our product, PandaChat.

Learn more about their project 👉 here

We also want to shine a spotlight on another talented group we had the privilege to mentor: Amer Mujagić, Dino Ahmetbegović, and Hamza Kolašinac. Their impressive project, "Recovering Relational Structure from a Set of Files," showcased their remarkable skills and dedication.

Bridging the gap between education and industry

As proud sponsors of FRI's Data Science Master's Program, we're pleased to be part of this program, where we see dedication and effort from the teams who've used PandaChat as a cornerstone for their research papers. At PC7, we are passionate about bridging the gap between education and industry. We love supporting and nurturing innovative ideas, especially when they contribute to enhancing our product, PandaChat. Seeing these projects come to life and push the boundaries of what’s possible is what drives us.

We are immensely proud of our teams and look forward to collaborating with other talents in the future!

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