PC7's Anniversary!

10:24, 12.10.2022

Blog / PC7's Anniversary!

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The first year under the name #PC7 passed so quickly, filled with interesting projects, teamwork and satisfied clients! 🎉 ✅

Boy did we have fun! We are especially happy that for the company's first birthday, we got 500 followers on LinkedIn, and our sincerest thanks go to each of you who follow our work! This year was a feather in the cap for the whole #PC7team! 🙌 🍾 ⚡️

Unfortunately, not all members were at the event, but we believe next time the whole team will join us and share these moments with us. For now, we send warm hugs to the rest of the team! 🎊 🥰

Besides having fun, for our anniversary we decided to try our hand at the world of e-commerce and we can tell you that #Ideoshop is an exciting project for our team and most importantly - our customers love it! ✅ 🛍

The PC7 team likes new challenges and trying new things, but being true tech lovers, our focus is always on keeping a quality #code as a priority! 🧑‍💻

🍻 Cheers to teamwork, success and new beginnings! 🥂

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