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Hinode [日の出] literally means sunrise. Hinode is also the name of our startup support program.
Why PC7 ?

We design and develop MVP.

We believe great brands should have great products. We use the most agile technology to provide you with a product you will be able to manage and scale.

We mentor and provide design thinking.

Get advice directly from verified professionals for startups and SMEs!


UX driven approach

3 months time to market

Costs limit

Complete process transparency

Full lean stack, ready for ventures

Get closer to your customers.

  • High-fidelity interactive design
  • Immersive prototyping experience
  • Outstanding component animations

MVP development process.

  • Design and analytics services
  • A micro release every 2 weeks
  • Release and maintenance

Let's talk about your project.

PC7 offers you expertise in creating and scaling the digital products to compete with market leaders and attract future customers. Meet the people behind our Hinode project.


MVP it is the earliest version of the product that has the necessary functionality, sufficient to convey the core values to the audience and test them with your first users and convince your first investors. Our services can help you to create a simple but working product. With MVP development you present your idea to potential clients, you can already generate income, take a certain position in the market and get constant feedback.

We believe that time to market is an important thing for any MVP. That’s why we limit the production timeline of any product to 3 months and a budget limit.

To build a solid product, you need to get it prototyped, designed, developed and tested. To cover all these stages, it will take you about 3 months. In fact, you’ll never become ‘done’ - because product building is never a destination but an ongoing process.

Unlike prototypes, MVP is a functional product, not just a set of paper-based sketches.

Share your idea with us and our agency will help you to create your product. No fancy documentation or white papers needed. It’s good if you have such, but to initiate the process a simple interview is enough. We’ll ask the questions about your idea and document it in a proper way.

Sure thing! Our agency ensures you to prevent leakage of confidential information and protect it.

3 cases you need MVP for

  • 1.  RAISE FUNDS - Venture capitals are no longer giving investments for just an idea. You have to prove that you put your skin in the game and have made your first product steps.
  • 2. GET FEEDBACK - Initial customer research is hardly enough to risk with the whole project budget. Test idea with MVP and get valuable feedback - that’s important.
  • 3. CHECK FEASIBILITY - There is no sense to make a fully working product until you’re sure that all the features are technically possible. Test Scalability, 3rd party integrations and algorithm realization first.