PC7 Year in Review 2022

01:20, 09.01.2023

Blog / PC7 Year in Review 2022

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It's time for a quick preview of 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ Name of our company is not the only thing we changed! 💪 It was definitely the most successful year for PC7 and extremely exciting year for our team. 🍾 👏

We cannot mention all of our small & sweet victories we'll always remember, but we want to share some of the bigger ones with you:

✅ We boldly stepped into 2022 with a new name and brand new look and we are loving it!

✅ PC7 received the Excellent SME Slovenia certificate given by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, which offers a sign of excellence to excellent medium-sized and small companies.

✅ We became member of SBC - Slovenian Business Club and are honoured to be a member of such an amazing selection of companies, which counts only 365 members.

✅ The PC7 team has successfully completed so many exciting projects - being a team of tech lovers - coding is what we enjoy the most

✅ in 2022 we managed to double our PC7 team - considering increase in number of projects, we needed reinforcements and now our team is stronger then ever

✅ We got a new team in Vienna - working on international projects, we got a partner team in Austria

✅ Bigger team & bigger projects bring bigger victories - together we managed to more than double our revenue in 2022

✅ We successfully launched PC7 e-commerce & successfully expand our shops in 10 countries across Europe

✅ What makes us proud is the fact that in only 2 months we got over a few thousand satisfied customers on different PC7 shops!

✅ Donations - Here at PC7, we strongly believe that receiving does not work well without giving back, and that is why in 2022 we decided to donate a percentage of each sale to many organisations, but being a team of animal lovers, we chose animal shelters as a priority.

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣, here we come! Our to do list starts with:

📈 Increase the number of projects, create more amazing apps

📚 Launch of PC7 Academy & transform education

🎗 Start PC7 Foundation & share success with others

🛍 Launch of a new PC7 e-commerce store

👨‍💻 Increase the number of teammates

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